I’ve placed an order, what happens next?

On receipt of your payment your order is scheduled in our systems.

Someone, probably Sarah, will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient delivery date where we will deliver and assemble your benches.

Who assembles the benches you sell?

We assemble them for you, either off-site before we arrive with the delivery, or more often once we have arrived at your premises. Our technicians are fast, friendly and efficient.

How secure is your site?

We protect your details using SSL encryption from Trustwave.

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Do we sell Parasols for our picnic benches?

All of our solid picnic benches come with a hole in the middle of the table ready to take the parasol of your choice. We recommend the Hartman range of parasols From the neutral colouring of a Liberty or Solar design to the vibrant shades of a Shanghai that are sure to add a touch of colour to any outdoor space, all our parasols come with both a crank handle and tilt operation for extra shade on a hot sunny day.

How do we make our benches?

We do not use any nail guns. All of our picnic benches are screwed together and we then sand the end-grain timber over to reduce the risk of splinters. This also ensures the maximum comfort and safety for your customers and their bums!

The manufacture of our benches uses high quality Swedish timber from a renewable and sustainable source where all of the  products are subject to demanding safety checks before they leave the factory.

The picnic benches treated with preservative for durability and are supplied in an attractive medium oak finish.

How does my new bench get to me?

We deliver to your address during weekdays. Our benches come sometimes are pre-assembled, or on larger orders we can bring them and assemble them for you on site. Either way we will take the hassle of assembling the benches for you.

£30.00 delivery charge per order for England and Wales £50 for the Scottish mainland, or FREE for orders of 6 or more benches.

Currently orders take approx. 3 weeks from payment receipt to delivery.

How long will my new picnic table last me?

Not an easy question to answer- as there are many factors that will effect the lifespan of a picnic table. If you keep your picnic table under cover and out of the winter weather then we would expect the table to last at least 15 to 20 years. It's all down to how you look after it. In normal gardens where the picnic bench is left outside, then 10 years is more likely.

The benches have a 10 year rot guarantee.